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Debt Manager app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 8240 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: MH Riley Ltd
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.7.1, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 08 Dec 2011
App size: 28.21 Mb

*** No. 1 Ranked Finance App in the US & UK ***

Debt Manager has one aim - To help you GET OUT OF DEBT FAST!

5-Stars - "By Far, This is one of the best Money Apps that I have seen. Fantastic, Great Job"

5-Stars - "This app is worth every penny.. Great info and breakdown.. I am so looking forward to being debt free!!"

5-Stars - "This app is three things: Simple. Effective. Spot On."

5-Stars - "The details, features and thought that went into creating this app are endless."

5-Stars - "Super easy to use; choice of strategies to choose for to pay off debts. Most helpful app for paying down debt Ive come across."

Debt Manager helps you to organize, track and pay off all your debts in the cheapest and fastest possible way. It does this using the Debt Snowball method, which is recognised by leading financial advisors as the most effective way to pay off multiple debts.

You will be amazed at how much time and money you could save by applying this simple strategy, and this app will show you how. So if you want to become debt free, get started now!

*** Features ***
√ Simple and intuitive user interface
- helps you see results quickly and clearly

√ Hints and tips
- dont worry, we will guide you through the process

√ Summary shows your payoff progress
- includes progress bar, your debt free date and your interest/time savings

√ Choose from multiple pay off Strategies
- Lowest Balance First
- Highest Interest First
- Highest Balance First
- Custom Order

√ An unlimited number of debts can be entered
- each debt can be individually analysed
- payments may be entered as a percentage of balance
- support for introductory rates e.g. 0% for 6 months

√ Monthly Payments may be recorded
- either automatic or manual recording
- allows you to keep track of your progress

√ Backup & Restore
- use popular Dropbox service for online storage
- keep your data safe
- manually sync between devices

√ Choice of payment periods
- handles monthly, weekly and fortnightly payments

√ Extra Payments can be entered against each debt
- helps pay off your debts even faster
- can be entered Monthly, Yearly or as a One Off

√ Transactions can be entered against each debt
- allows you to take into account expenses/purchases
- can be entered Monthly, Yearly or as a One Off
- will increase the debt balance

√ Try out various What-If scenarios e.g.
- a change in interest rate
- increased monthly payments

√ Export the debt details via Email
- professionally formatted PDF or HTML
- export individual debts or overall summary
- includes full amortization schedules
- charts are attached to the email export

√ Interactive reports
- easy visualisation of the debt breakdown
- compare debts side by side
- press, hold and slide to see the costs per month
- pinch to zoom

√ Set of Calculators are included to help you compute:
- monthly payments
- extra payments
- payoff date
- refinance benefits

√ Notification of payments due
- so you never forget to record a payment

√ Passcode protection
- keep your data safe

√ Full manual is embedded within the app
- has all the info you will ever need

Pros and cons of Debt Manager app for iPhone and iPad

Debt Manager app good for

This app works very well and has many features not found in other debt apps. Support is quick and the developer is very open to suggestions. There has already been a couple updates, both of which added some great new features.
Dont look any further. This one is the most complete debt payoff app. The others are too limited or too buggy. 0.99$ well spent!
This is the most complete debt managing app available easy to use, great visuals, shows you exactly where you stan and how long it will take to pay off your debt. Well worth the money.
I am a fanatic when trying to find ways to complete the debt. I do actually think this program is a good starter for people wanting I get out of debt. I dont see any problems thus far but there are always gonna be something.
Great app. One issue is that sometimes the password function does not work and you can just open it straight up.
Love this app, very useful and clear, no problems at all. Recommend to anyone like myself who struggling with managing debt. Cant go wrong for a buck!

Some bad moments

This is thrown together. The only app Ive ever regretted purchasing. If you dont care about quality design or user experience, go right on ahead. Otherwise I recommend something like Debts by Coopla instead.
This app was easy to navigate and listing my debt was simple to do, but I didnt really understand the "snowball" concept. I always thought of the snowball effect was paying off debts from lowest balance to highest (and that was the default option) but the graphs and charts didnt seem helpful nor was it easy to determine how much extra I needed to apply to each payment to reach any goals. When I added extra "snowflake" payments, it did not reflect on my balances immediately. Another user suggested it would reflect at the end of the month which is not useful to me...
Im not gona make long speech. This is a great, excellent, fabulous, awesome, program, everyone should get this. Thank you
Really not very helpful if you only have one big debt on a single account. Also just doesnt make sense to me. Tried to put in a big payment Id just made and it didnt register unless I just put the debt in again at the lower amount.
Its a great app. Only downfall Ive seen is I cant sync it between devices.
Just finished loading my loans into the app, super easy to do and very easy to read and understand the math behind the recommended snowball payments. This app has already changed the way I think about paying off my loans. Really looking forward to seeing the results!

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