Debt Manager App Reviews

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Great App, Great Support

This app works very well and has many features not found in other debt apps. Support is quick and the developer is very open to suggestions. There has already been a couple updates, both of which added some great new features.

Simple great app

Good layout, simple to use, does what I needed!

Tried them all... This one is the best!

Dont look any further. This one is the most complete debt payoff app. The others are too limited or too buggy. 0.99$ well spent!

New update easier to read debt breakdown

Great app. Lots of features. Well worth the money!

good stuff

very helpful. easy to use.

Think I liked it

After download, it worked for 3 minutes. Not sure if anyone else is having issues. Screens just freeze. Cant seem to navigate at all.


This is the most complete debt managing app available easy to use, great visuals, shows you exactly where you stan and how long it will take to pay off your debt. Well worth the money.

Very Impressive

I am a fanatic when trying to find ways to complete the debt. I do actually think this program is a good starter for people wanting I get out of debt. I dont see any problems thus far but there are always gonna be something.

Puts debt in perspective

Great app. One issue is that sometimes the password function does not work and you can just open it straight up.

Very useful app with good features

Good job does very well.

Stay away.

This is thrown together. The only app Ive ever regretted purchasing. If you dont care about quality design or user experience, go right on ahead. Otherwise I recommend something like Debts by Coopla instead.

Debt MAnager

Easy to use, awesome appt!!!!!

Has issues

When I try to enter my minimum payment details, I get errors telling me the amount cant be less than a specific number. If I enter that amount, it still gives me this error. Id like to identify bi-weekly "snowflake" payments but it wont allow you to choose that payment frequency on an account where you are required to make monthly payments. It seems to assume that we make minimum payments but in reality we over pay by making biweekly payments. It assumes we do both which throws the projections out from reality.


Love this app, very useful and clear, no problems at all. Recommend to anyone like myself who struggling with managing debt. Cant go wrong for a buck!

Eye opener (the good kind)

This app was key to opening our eyes to managing our finances. Love the strategies, calculators, etc in allowing us to track progress, albeit, dollar by dollar. Thanks for being a candle in an otherwise dark room.


This app really made me look at how many times. I pull out my credit card without thinking, and how much interest its costing me. Its helping get debt-free!

Love it!

So far, love this app! It is far better than all the other debt calculator apps out there. I even paid for some and this one is much more user friendly and has so many more useful features. I love the ability to enter payments biweekly - one thing I would love to add is the date of biweekly payments (you can only enter the date due for monthly payments). Excellent app would recommend to anyone looking in this category!


Itd be awesome if we could add an "apply $____ payment" instead of relying on monthly/weekly/etc payments.

Awesome App

This is exactly what I was looking for and then some. Its perfect if you want a plan to get out of debt(s) and track your payments. At first it was a bit confusing but there is great instructions and after you play around with it you figure it out. Pay the buck, its worth it!


I do believe this will help me get out of debt faster :)

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